Welcome To Deductive Lab

Welcome to Deductive Lab, your learning partner for niche IT skill development and training.


Our team is composed of experts in the field of IT, Help Desk operations, and ITSM standards.


Noel Temena, DeductiveLab Founder, has been an Enterprise IT Analyst for multinational corporations for more than 20 years. During his research and stint in technical support operations, he discovered common troubleshooting patterns. Based on these patterns, he developed a methodology that can be applied to all types of technical components.


All our services are customized to fit every client and their needs. We consider your goals and objectives as a company before providing solutions.

Deductive Skill Development for Analysts

Training includes:

  • product and process discovery & analysis

  • deductive method identification, practice drills and logical exercise

Deductive Process Documentation for Management

Training includes:

  • product and process discovery & analysis

  • outline product deductive tasks, methods and process

Deductive Skill and Process Methodologies Training for Trainers

Training includes:

  • learn isolation philosophies and methodologies

  • build deductive training curriculum


Our services are highly sought-after by BPO and IT companies because we address their pain points:

  • Inefficient troubleshooting steps prolong that prolongs downtime

  • Team performance is inconsistent, because team metrics are dependent on a few skilled members. This becomes more pronounced with teams that have multiple shifts

  • The team’s technical expertise slides once a skilled member leaves


Our trainings are well-suited to the following: 


  • IT Help Desk Managers

  • BPO Executives

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

  • Technical Help Desk Personnel 

  • External Product Support