Our services are well-suited to the following: 


  • IT Help Desk Analyst and Managers

  • BPO Managers

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

  • Technical Help Desk Personnel

  • External Product Support personnel 

  • Technical Support Analyst


We are happy to provide our service to companies such as OEMs with many and complex products, BPO Companies that want to  maximize their personnel’s expertise & productivity, as well as IT  departments minimizing downtime supporting mission-critical  resources.


  • Reliable and consistent team performance and customer satisfaction. This will be brought by enhanced troubleshooting skills and efficient root cause analysis.

  • More accurate results. Since the product troubleshooting methods are documented, the level of expertise is now document dependent, not on revolving or shifting personnel. 

  • More seamless operations. The product's complexities stop becoming a factor. The training and flow of operation is now focused on troubleshooting tasks and methods, instead of learning the product’s component’s specifications, features, and random fixes.

  • More efficient business outcomes. Since product skill and expertise are now tangible (documented task and methods), knowledge and skills are now transferable and transportable (for possible outsourcing) – leading to better productivity and decrease in operational costs.