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The Science of Logic in IT Troubleshooting


Here at Deductive Lab, we provide innovative tools and solutions that identify hardware and software problems. We use tested and proven deductive procedures compiled from over 20 years of solid experience and research in the IT industry.

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"What we’ve done with OpenAI is we are releasing a system where instead of writing a script, you just write what you want to do”,

Gil Pekelman, CEO and founder of Atera.

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Bridging the Troublehsooting Skill Gap Between Technology Experts

As a B2B company, we have, with respect to technical support, created logical and intelligent software tools to help Product Support Analysts, IT Analysts, and Technology Experts troubleshoot hardware and software problems with zero to minimum effort.

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We provide smart and intelligent deduction tools for troubleshooting and offer customized training for teams and individuals.

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