All our services are customized to fit every client and their needs. We consider your goals and objectives as a company before providing solutions.

Deductive Skill Development and Training

  • Product and process discovery & analysis

  • Teach and define technical isolation methods and process

  • Document skill expertise and problem analysis process

  • Design custom drills and technical exercise for personnel

  • Build skill model to quantify efficiency & screen job applicants 

  • Create skill development framework for corporate trainers

Deductive Process Automation Solutions

  • Product and process discovery & analysis

  • Document product skill requirement

  • Catalog problem solving process 

  • Design deductive tools using skill and process automation 

  • Build platform and deploy automation tools 

We conduct training on-site, off-site, and online. We provide standard and one-on-one virtual meetings, based on the client’s preferences. Our services are both flexible and relevant. We currently have  two online  programs: IT Troubleshooting Skill Training and IT Troubleshooting Skill and Process Management.