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Self-Healing Technology: A Framework for LLM-Powered Fault and Remediation Management

In an era where large language models (LLMs) are becoming, compact, and integral to daily technology, a pivotal question emerges: How can complex, diverse IT environments harness these advancements, particularly for achieving self-healing capabilities in Enterprise IT systems? This guide explores how to harness that to achieve self-healing capabilities in enterprise IT software systems. This will outline a specialized framework for applying self-healing concepts to software, noting that extending similar principles to hardware systems would require a separate guide dedicated to the distinct needs of fault and remediation management in hardware systems.

The term "self-healing" in IT systems denotes the automated capability of a system to detect, diagnose, and rectify problems independently, without human intervention. Such a mechanism significantly boosts system reliability and operational uptime, proactively addressing issues before they escalate to affect users or processes.


Drawing parallels from the world of "Star Trek," imagine the starship Enterprise’s AI systems, which assist the crew by continually monitoring and managing the ship’s conditions, reporting problems, and executing self-healing strategies. These strategies might involve utilizing backup systems or rerouting around compromised areas, as seen in interactions with iconic commanders like Captain Kirk or Captain Picard.



We present a four-step problem resolution framework that illustrates the chronological steps involved in recognizing a system problem and progressively working through the process until it is resolved. The framework also identifies the skills required to perform each step and provides examples of existing technologies or products that can be used to automate or augment those skills.

Process Description

Human Involvement

Existing Technologies

Problem Resolution Framework

Part 2:

AI Capabilities, ML Methods, and LLM Integration

By incorporating AI capabilities, ML methods, and LLM types into the Problem Resolution Framework, IT organizations can achieve self-healing by reactively and proactively addressing issues before they affect users or operations.


AI Capabilities

ML Methods/Techniques

LLM Types and Technologies Required

Our goal is to provide a technical framework that will assist with Enterprise IT System Management. This framework will help to streamline the complexities of maintaining complex, disparate systems and augment troubleshooting tasks.

We hope that this guide will provide you with a clear path to achieving Self-Healing using current AI and ML capabilities, without having to wait for AGI.

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